Email Server problems with detached signature files

Greg Strong Greg Strong <>
Mon Jun 9 18:21:01 2003

Hello GnuPG_Users,

Is there any way to have GPGshell or GnuPG to automatically create
detached signature files with only 1 file extension?

I've learned this morning that an email I sent this morning was
unsuccessful because it was sent with a detached signature file that
GPGshell tools automatically saved with 2 file extensions. I would have
never known, but the recipient was kind enough to notify me of the
problem. I spoke to the administrator of the recipient's email server.
They informed me this policy was due to the proliferation of viruses on
file attachments with more than one file extension.

For example the original file name is "AnyFileName.doc", then GPGshell
tools saves as "AnyFileName.doc.sig" which creates a problem on receipt
of the email with it attached.

I can manually change the signature file's name to have only one file
extension, and verification is still successful. The problem is when you
have multiple files and email to send. More work!

I haven't been reading, so this may already have
been discussed. I apologize if the GnuPG behaves differently on Linux
without the GUI frontend of GPGshell. I just thought I'd ask, as well as
provide notice of this problem. TIA!

Best regards,

Greg Strong                     
TB! v1.63 Beta/9 on Windows XP Service Pack 1