Virtual Keysignings

Ingo Klöcker
Tue Jun 10 00:14:02 2003

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On Monday 09 June 2003 17:51, Carl Gilbert wrote:
> I am only suggesting that a face to face meeting does not convey any
> additional information, well besides a face of course.  That is the
> only part that I question.  For me, face to face is no more valid
> than an email.  If you met me face to face the only thing you would
> learn is how I look.  How does this benefit you above what you have
> from my emails?

If we met face to face we could physically exchange our fingerprints.=20
This would allow me to verify that a guy called Carl Gilbert does=20
really exist. And it would tell me that this Carl Gilbert is really the=20
owner of the key the fingerprints corresponds to after I verified the=20
email address(es) on the key with a challenge.

Without a fact-to-face meeting I could only tell that someone who owns a=20
certain key has access to a certain email address by sending a=20
challenge to this address. If the name of this person is irrelevant=20
then this might be enough. But if you have a contract with this person=20
then you'd better be sure that he really used his real name to sign the=20
contract. Else you might have difficulties to find this person in case=20
he breaks the contract and vanishes with your money.


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