What is the minimum knowledge to use gpg?

hugo vanwoerkom hugovanwoerkom@care2.com
Tue Jun 10 20:34:03 2003

I have 2 problems:

1. I want to communicate with 2 users who are not
programmers and know nothing of gpg or security.
One on Linux, one on Windows. I want to simply
show them how to verify that one of us personally
signed an email message, without having to revert
to a fax to send a signed piece of paper.
Is there a place that would tell them what to do,
1.2.3 that is foolproof? BTW. I don't find the
Gnupg info straightforward at all, it takes a
major effort to master it, for programmer types.

2. I monitor many newsgroups. A majority(?) of
messages are signed. When I paste the message on
an email to myself to have mozilla's enigmail
check it, none of them ever verify for one reason
or another. How do you do it?

If this info is readily available someplace, I
apologize for asking the obvious.



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