What is the minimum knowledge to use gpg?

CL Gilbert Lamont_Gilbert@RigidSoftware.com
Tue Jun 10 22:02:02 2003

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hugo vanwoerkom wrote:
| I have 2 problems:
| 1. I want to communicate with 2 users who are not
| programmers and know nothing of gpg or security.
| One on Linux, one on Windows. I want to simply
| show them how to verify that one of us personally
| signed an email message, without having to revert
| to a fax to send a signed piece of paper.
| Is there a place that would tell them what to do,
| 1.2.3 that is foolproof? BTW. I don't find the
| Gnupg info straightforward at all, it takes a
| major effort to master it, for programmer types.

well its hard to say.  Once you know linux, you are command line
literate.  Once you are command line literate, its hard to understand
how other people are not :)  Yes it was quite hard for me.  Took me
about 4 months to figure out how to install mozilla, and which version.
~ then how to install enigma, and which version.

On windows, if you use IE5 with OutlookExpress5, you can just install
PGP from pgp.mit.edu or something like that.  PGP is easy to use on
windows, and it will do a very simimar job to gpg.  They can recognize
each others signatures in general.  PGP is as easy as you would expect
from a windows program.  gpg on the other hand is quite certainly not.
but if you learn PGP on windows first, then you will know what gpg on
Linux is doing, and it will all make perfect sense.

I am not sure of a place to get 1-2-3 instructions.  but as I said, use
PGP on IE5 and you are set.  I think M$ broke pgp on IE6 (you know how
they do).

| 2. I monitor many newsgroups. A majority(?) of
| messages are signed. When I paste the message on
| an email to myself to have mozilla's enigmail
| check it, none of them ever verify for one reason
| or another. How do you do it?

make sure you are cutting from the plain text, and not rendered view of
html or something.  cut the whole parts in between the gpg header and
the signature.  Its not going to come out as a signed mail though
because its been modified, but if you paste it into a text file, you
should still be able to verify its authenticity as long as you have not
changed anything like added returns or changed windows retunrs into
linux ones, or vice versa.

| If this info is readily available someplace, I
| apologize for asking the obvious.
| Thanks.
| Hugo.
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