Changing homedir

Gates, Scott
Wed Jun 11 17:40:02 2003

Well, I found a 'reach around' for my homedir problem. When I was fully
qualifying the path, the command was too long for GPG to interpret.

I moved a copy of GPG, .conf file, and the public keys to the directory
above where the files are to be encrypted.  

We're trying to kick off GPG after FTP'ing to the server using the SITE EXEC
command in our FTP Client.  The Command as of now looks like :

SITE EXEC ..\gpg --homedir ..\ --options ..\gpg.conf -er dory book1.xls

After this, I kick off another batch that forwards the encrypted file to
dory's ftp site.  I know it's a kludge, but, it's a kludge that fits the
company's budget, which is zero.   

Thanks for all the help.
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