gpg key editing

Subba Rao Subba Rao <>
Thu Jun 12 04:10:01 2003

I am trying to edit my gpg keys and export them back to the keyservers.  These
keys have not been used in a while.  However I would like to maintain the same
keys.  So far, I have used the "--edit-keys" option and have changed the
expiration date to a new date in the future.  The key listing has "pub" and
"sub" IDs.  The expiration changes are reflected only on the "pub" key and not
on the "sub" key.

pub  1024D/5A3F71F3  created: 2001-08-20 expires: 2006-06-11 trust: -/-
sub  1024g/3D2AE96C  created: 2001-08-20 expires: 2002-08-20
(1)* Subba Rao (Linuxite) <>

How do I change (or do I need to change) the expiration date on the "sub" key?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Subba Rao
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