Problem =20 [newbie]

Johan Wevers
Thu Jun 12 11:47:02 2003

Ingo [Kl_cker] wrote:

> One reason for leaving spaces a the end of a line is to distinguish soft 
> linebreaks (because of word wrapping of long lines) from hard 
> linebreaks.

That distinction should not be made in email and usenet messages. They are a
plain ASCII medium, not intended for extra markup. Line lengths should be
shorter than 78 chars anyway.

Line-wrapping mail clients are another large reason for failed signatures.
And ugly workarounds that attack the wrong end of the problem are also
already proposed (check sig for each possible breakup and say signature OK
when one of them matches).

> This information could then be used by the receiving mail client to
> re-wordwrap the quoted paragraphs in case a quoted line becomes to long
> because of the additional "> ".

Mail clients should not rewrap. But if you want such a machanism, the
correct marker for a newly to be wrapped area is an empty line, not a
hard return.

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