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CL Gilbert
Mon Jun 16 16:29:02 2003

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Andrew Kusnecov wrote:
| Good day, sirs.
| I'm using gnupg-1.2.2 and developing some automation script for my
| needs, i.e.
| web application wich can determine by it self person who is using it.
| I have, for example, five (5) secret keys in secring.gpg and five
| corresponding public  keys in pubring.gpg. Can I encrypt some file for
| some public keys (from mentioned above five keys) and indicate exactly
| wich secret key (again, from mentioned above) gnupg should use and,
| therefor, wich password should be used.

Why do you have 5 secret keys?  Not saying that you shouldn't, but its a
little hard to understand your setup with multiple secret keys.  Are
they all part of different key-pairs?  Are they sub-keys?

When you encrypt to a public key, you do not need the secret key, or the

| Now we cann't direct gnupg with exact secret key, and gnupg asks for
| passwords
| (passphrase) in order descending for order wich was used while
| encrypting file.

Yes, when decrypting you need the password, but the key is automatically
picked somehow based on information in the encrypted package.

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