default secret key for decryption

Andrew Kusnecov
Mon Jun 16 15:26:02 2003

Good day, sirs.

I'm using gnupg-1.2.2 and developing some automation script for my needs, i.e.
web application wich can determine by it self person who is using it.

I have, for example, five (5) secret keys in secring.gpg and five 
corresponding public  keys in pubring.gpg. Can I encrypt some file for some 
public keys (from mentioned above five keys) and indicate exactly wich secret 
key (again, from mentioned above) gnupg should use and, therefor, wich 
password should be used.

Now we cann't direct gnupg with exact secret key, and gnupg asks for passwords
(passphrase) in order descending for order wich was used while encrypting file.