gpg/pine/crypto plugins

Charles Logan
Mon Jun 16 17:40:02 2003

>> there are a couple wrappers to be used with Pine in order to 
>> manage encrypted messages...

>> both are available on FreshMeat

Thanks!  I'll check them out.  Why pgp4pine works for some users and not 
others on the same machine is still a mystery.  I've verified the rc and conf 
files for the various components, gpg, pine, pgp4pine are identical between 
working and non-working users, only differences are the user specific names 
and servers, everything else is a carbon copy, yet pine refuses to use the 
filter for certain users and works fine for others.  I didn't think to check 
.profile, .bashrc, etc to see if there is something in there that has a 
bearing on reality.  I'll run these other wrappers up the flag pole and see 
if anyone salutes!   Thanks again!