WoT Crusade (was Re: How to extend the expiry date of a subkey?)

Ingo Klöcker ingo.kloecker@epost.de
Wed Jun 18 01:58:13 2003

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On Monday 16 June 2003 20:15, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> Being not a big fan of conferences, exhibitions and other meet,
> greet-and-pay-big-bucks-for-it type of events, and being stuck in
> germany where people wouldn't give you even the lowest trust
> signature despite having worked with you on projects for long periods
> of time, I guess my key will remain rather untouched by other
> people's signatures for some time to come. I sometimes think we
> should call the thing Web of Paranoia instead.

Sorry, but I don't buy any of your arguments because:

1. LinuxTag 2003 is free (as in free beer) if you register via=20

2. If you join the keysigning party that I mentioned in my other message=20
then you will get at least 50 signatures, mostly from KDE and Debian=20
developers which are pretty good connected to the rest of the WoT. And=20
if you go to the booth of the Heise Verlag and show them your id card=20
then they will sign your key with a signature which will be trusted by=20
about every c't reading and OpenPGP using person in Germany. But note=20
that you have to send your key to them beforehand. See www.heise.de/ct=20
Kryptokampagne for more information.

3. Last year there was a FreeBSD booth at LinuxTag. I'll bet that this=20
year they will also have a booth.


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