WoT Crusade (was Re: How to extend the expiry date of a subkey?)

Wolfgang Bornath wobo@wolf-b.de
Wed Jun 18 12:01:12 2003

** John B (Dienstag, 17. Juni 2003 17:26)

>   Also, keysignings aren't (usually) a money event. It just so
> happens that it's very convenient at times to have one during an cost
> event.

As already mentioned here there will be a keysigning at LinuxTag in 
Karlsruhe, Germany. Entrance to the LinuxTag is free if you preorder 
your ticket on the website

LinuxTag: July 10-13, 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany

Public GnuPG key available at http://www.wolf-b.de/misc