WoT Crusade (was Re: How to extend the expiry date of a subkey?)

John B Yochanon@tds.net
Tue Jun 17 17:24:02 2003

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On Monday 16 June 2003 13:15, Michael Nottebrock wrote:


> I've tried to submit my key to biglumber. Biglumber never sent me the
> promised confirmation (or mail-to-reply-to-for-confirmation) mail, so I
> assumed it's broken. I'll try again tonight, though the idea of getting
> together with somebody I've never met before for a
> show-me-your-id-and-I'll-show-you-mine still strikes me as odd.

  It's no less "odd" than walking into a store, getting something you want,=
and handing someone you don't know and may never see again a wad of cash or=
your credit card. At least this way, you're meeting the person, learning wh=
they are, letting each other know you're trustworthy just by showing up and=
doing the exchange.


> Being not a big fan of conferences, exhibitions and other meet,
> greet-and-pay-big-bucks-for-it type of events, and being stuck in germany
> where people wouldn't give you even the lowest trust signature despite
> having worked with you on projects for long periods of time, I guess my k=
> will remain rather untouched by other people's signatures for some time to
> come. I sometimes think we should call the thing Web of Paranoia instead.

  Sounds more like an attitude thing on your part. Not a flame here, just m=
observation of your post, but you seem a real pessimist, and not too many=20
people get along well with them, and it looks like you aren't a 'people'=20
person anyway. If you don't make yourself available to others, why do you=20
expect them to come running to *you*?
  Also, keysignings aren't (usually) a money event. It just so happens that=
it's very convenient at times to have one during an cost event.

  John =20
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