Downloading public keys with GnuPG

Maxim Britov
Thu Jun 19 11:33:18 2003

> > I just switched from PGP to GnuPG.  I now use Mozilla with Enigmail. 
> > There is only one problem.  How do you download public keys from a 
> > keyserver with GnuPG/Enigmail ??

> gpg --recv-keys <key-id>

My keyring:
pub  1024D/6F3DB1FB 2003-06-05 Maxim ...
uid                            Maxim ...
uid                            Maxim ...
sub  2048g/7875B07B 2003-06-05 [expires: 2004-06-04]
I can get key from keyserver: gpg --search-key 0x6f3db1fb
and cannot get for: gpg --search-key 0x7875b07b.
Why? How I can find key if that is so?


GnuPG KeyID 0x6F3DB1FB Keyserver hkp://
Fingerprint: 4059 B5C5 8985 5A47 8F5A 8623 4580 A6D6 6F3D B1FB