Self Decrypting Archives

Johan Wevers
Thu Jun 19 22:36:02 2003

Jeff Herrin wrote:

>I have been looking throught the docs and I can't find anything related to
>the creation of Self Decrypting Archives. Does gnupg support this? If so
>where can I find more information about to generate an SDA?

Do you want to include decrypting executables for all supported operating
systems in the archive? Then they'll become pretty large. Not even
mentioning the problem that executables for several target OSes in one
file will probably never work on all OSes.

Selecting the target OS when creating the archive is a more practical
option, but that will require a pretty large library delivered with gnupg.

The pgp option, to only support windows, is probably a big no for the gnupg
team. Fortunately I might say. The lack of support for non-windows OSes is
the main reason I quit using pgp after version 2.6. (Not being able to
compile the 5.0i source is another. I never use pgp or gpg precompiled).

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