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CL Gilbert
Fri Jun 20 16:09:02 2003

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Henning Sittler wrote:
| Hi all, bit of a newbie here with gpg.
| I have imported a public key onto the root user keyring (because I was
| logged in a root) using the basic:
| gpg --import < samson.asc
| But I would like to specifically import the same keyring for user apache,
| who of course, does not have a usera ccount that I can log in to.  Like I
| said, I am a bit of a newbie here.  I'm guess I'm trying to do something
| like:
| gpg -u apache --import < samson.asc

gpg --home-dir /home/apache --import < samson.asc

This should work, but I am not sure how the permissions are set for user

| So that the public is added to apache's keyring, and not root's.  Then I
| want to specify trust for that public key on apache's keyring, again from
| root's login.

same thing, as long as you use the --home-dir option, you should be
working on the keyring for that user.  AFAIK.

| I am doing this so that a php script can call gpg through with user apache
| permissions.  Thanks in adance for any help you an offer!
| Henning Sittler
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