import key to spefic keyring

Henning Sittler
Fri Jun 20 17:10:03 2003

Thanks so much!  Just to clarify for the list archives, the option is

--homedir /home/username
(no - between home and dir)

I had to use this option for on all commands related to user apache,
including the encrypt command specified in my PHP script (even though PHP is
running under apache, and usre apache already).

There are so many arguments, options and commands involved with gpg, and
they all sound so similar that I was getting confused reading them all!

Henning Sittler

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Henning Sittler wrote:
| Hi all, bit of a newbie here with gpg.
| I have imported a public key onto the root user keyring (because I was
| logged in a root) using the basic:
| gpg --import < samson.asc
| But I would like to specifically import the same keyring for user apache,
| who of course, does not have a usera ccount that I can log in to.  Like I
| said, I am a bit of a newbie here.  I'm guess I'm trying to do something
| like:
| gpg -u apache --import < samson.asc

gpg --home-dir /home/apache --import < samson.asc

This should work, but I am not sure how the permissions are set for user

| So that the public is added to apache's keyring, and not root's.  Then I
| want to specify trust for that public key on apache's keyring, again from
| root's login.

same thing, as long as you use the --home-dir option, you should be
working on the keyring for that user.  AFAIK.

| I am doing this so that a php script can call gpg through with user apache
| permissions.  Thanks in adance for any help you an offer!
| Henning Sittler
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Thank you,

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