Upgrade from 1.0.7-6 to 1.2.2 in RedHat 8.0

Ty Cabugao tycabugao@earthlink.net
Fri Jun 20 18:59:02 2003


I am trying to upgrade my GnuPG from 1.0.7-6 to 1.2.2. I am running RedHat 8.0. I follow the instructions completely (./configure, make, make install), and everything seems to go through smoothly. But once I check out the version of my gpg, it is still 1.0.7-6. Am I doing anything wrong?

I attempted to rpm -e the old version, but RH tells me that it is needed by up2date. I attempted to uninstall up2date, and RH tells me that it is needed by up2date-genome, firstboot, and that /usr/share/rhn/RHNS-CA-CERT is needed by (installed) rhn-applet. So I erased all those packages, including the 1.0.7-6 version.

I attempted to install 1.2.2, and it went through the whole installation just fine. At least, it looked like it did. Because when I checked to see what version of gpg I have, it is now showing that I do not have any installed!

Any suggestions?