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CL Gilbert
Fri Jun 20 20:24:05 2003

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Joseph Bruni wrote:
| Try contacting They might be willing to support GPG.
They support lots of other free software. Your client will be able to
spend money doing so, so that should make their IS managers happy.
| Someday, IS managers will wake up to the fact that they will save
money by hiring good IS staff who can support their own systems rather
than spending money on external support.

Not in America.  Pensions, retirement, health insurance, unelployment, etc.

| -j
| On Friday, June 20, 2003, at 06:39AM, Shepet, Mike
<> wrote:
|>Hello GPG Users,
|>My client has several Solaris 8 servers running PGP 7.1.1 and they
have been
|>very happy with this setup.  Now the time has come to renew their
|>license/support with NAI and the prices seem ridiculous.  I have been
|>with looking into GPG as a cost effective replacement and it looks very
|>promising.  The only thing I cannot find any information about is third
|>party commercial support.  This is a must have for them.  Are there any
|>vendors who will support this product?

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