Email Clients and digital signatures

Joseph Bruni
Mon Jun 30 03:53:56 2003

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I would humbly ask for the benefit of everyone else on the Net that you 
not choose Outlook or Outlook Express as your email client, despite the 
supposed benefits of tasks and calendaring. The reason I say this is 
Outlook and Outlook Express are the primary vehicles through which the 
vast majority of email-borne worms and viruses are spread. Those worms 
and viruses use Outlook's "features" to hammer the email servers 
belonging to everyone else. By the same token, choosing something other 
than Outlook will benefit you in that you will not need to worry to the 
same extent that your email client might be hijacked by some attachment.

On Saturday, June 28, 2003, at 04:21 AM, Subba Rao wrote:

> I have Windows98 on one of my desktops. There are a bunch of Email 
> clients
> out there now.  Outlook stands out the best, since you can have 
> calender and
> tasks list etc.  I would like to use OpenPGP to sign the outbound 
> email.  Can
> this be implemented for Outlook easily without having to read tons of 
> documents?
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