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Neil Williams
Mon Jun 30 03:54:15 2003

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On Friday 27 Jun 2003 2:09 am, Ty Cabugao wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to get some recommendations on a good, graphical gpg front
> end. I'm looking for more than just a GUI that organizes/manages the
> keys, but one that would encrypt/sign/decrypt/verify the clipboard. If
> it would also do the same with an active window (ala PGP in Windows and
> Mac), that would be superb! I got enigmail going with my Mozilla mail,
> but I need the features above for my newsreader, Pan...
> Oh, yeah, I am running RedHat 8.0. GnuPG v. 1.2.2

I used KGpg :
 kgpg is a simple, free, open source KDE frontend for gpg.
# Editor mode enables you to type/paste a text and encrypt/decrypt/sign/=20
verify it
# Key manager: import, export, delete, sign, generate and edit keys.
# Integration with konqueror (1): left click on a file to decrypt/verify it.
# Integration with konqueror (2): right click on a file to encrypt/sign it.
# Encryption: support for symetric encryption. Multiple keys & default key=
encryption. Optional shredding of source files
# Signatures: creation & verification of detached & cleartext signatures
# Drag & drop encryption + clipboard en/decryption


Neil Williams

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