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CL Gilbert
Mon Jun 30 14:43:02 2003

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Ben Finney wrote:
| On 29-Jun-2003, Graham wrote:
|>KGPG, but you have to be running KDE to use it.  As RedHat defaults to
|>Gnome, you might look at Seahorse and GPA.  All these are listed in
|>the front ends list on
| Is this true?  Most KDE programs can be run in GNOME, and vice versa.
| All that should be required is the libraries to be installed.
Some 'programs' are 'features' of the WindowManager, or whatever KDE is.
~ Like the right click menu is a feature of KDE or GNOME, but not both.
Its not really  program, but more desktop integration.  and in that
sense the desktop chosen matters.

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