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Neil Williams
Mon Jun 30 03:54:36 2003

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On Saturday 28 Jun 2003 6:01 pm, Marcin Gil wrote:
> Greetings!
> By the strange twist of fate my whole /home went into the oblivion.
> I lost all my keyrings and had to revcert all my keys.

I suppose I'm lucky with multiple installations, I end up with several work=
backups. What is the 'recommended' way to back up secring.gpg? (www.gnupg.o=
seems to not want to respond to me tonight.)

> I've created a new keypair with 2 uids, added a photo and tried
> to send it to the keyserver (
> Now, if I use cli (eg. gpg --send-key) I get answer status=3D200.
> But the key does not exist on the server.
> If I add it by copy-paste keyserver software claims
> 'The keyring you have submitted is invalid'!

I'd guess that it was the photo ID that the keyserver is complaining about.=
Some keyservers will take it (others here will know which), but for now=20
probably the best thing to do is to put the key on a website somewhere=20
obvious and put a link to the site in your email signature lines or in the=
email headers.


Neil Williams

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