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On 28-Jun-2003, CL Gilbert wrote:
> I sent an email to someone.  I encrypted it.

In that order? :-)

> If I look at the email in my sent folder, I can still read it.  If I
> look at the source of the email, I can see that it is encrypted.  Why
> am I able to decrypt this email and read it?  I though the encryption
> was one way and only the private key could decrypt it!?
> P.S. I am using enigmail.

Mutt, my MUA of choice, has an option to "include me in the recipients
whenever I encrypt a message"; this allows me to read messages I've
encrypted.  You may want to see if enigmail is doing the same.

Regardless, you should be able to pipe the data through gpg and it will
(after you unlock your own key) list the recipient keys to which the
message was encrypted as well as show the plain text.

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