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Anthony E. Greene wrote:
| On 30-Jun-2003/09:06 -0400, CL Gilbert
<Lamont_Gilbert@RigidSoftware.com> wrote:
|>So this dual encryption is done with one message? if I encrypt to 10
|>different people, it can do this in a single message?
| Yes. What it actually does is generate a one time key for use with this
| session (session key). The session key is relatively small (128 bits --
| about 16 alphanumeric characters worth of data). The message is encrypted
| once using this session key. Then the session key is encrypted once for
| each recipient (using that recipient's public key) and added to the
| encrypted message. So the total size of the encrypted data gets larger
| with each additional recipient, but only a little -- enough for an
| encrypted session key.
| Each recipient is able to decrypt the session key using their private key,
| then use the session key to decrypt the message.
|>Encrypt to self does not seem self-explanatory enough.  I thought it
|>meant when I send myself an email, which I do from time to time, that it
|>should encrypt it.
| It means that your key is added to the list of recipient keys each time
| you choose to encrypt a message.
|>What is my certification that the email actually was sent encrypted?
| Send yourself a Bcc copy of the email.
| Tony


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