Key signing...

Sun Mar 2 14:35:02 2003

hi Peter,

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm trying to understand the key signing process as it pertains to
> getting my key signed.
> As I currently understand it, the idea is to get my own key signed by
> others.  Once my key is signed by someone else, they export it

well, they can export it to you or directly to the keyservers

> and
> send it back to me, at which point I import it.  Now their signature
> is included when I sign emails.
> Is this right?
> This how the WoT works isn't it?
> It seems to make sence to me, otherwise if my key is signed and never
> sent to me, how will anyone else who recieves a signed email from me
> know who else trusts my signature?

thats why a signed key should be sent to a keyserver (either by yourself or the 
one who signed it)

> If I'm wrong, I'd appreciate an explaination of how it should work,
> becuase I've been wrong for some time now.. :-/
> Thanks for your patience.. :)
> Pete
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