I compiled via myShell on my webserver - now what??!

Jonathan nz2k2@clear.net.nz
Sat Mar 8 17:05:02 2003

What a day it's been! Learnt a lot, namely that I can compile and install on
my web hosts machine (in my dir) without telnet access, using phpMyshell(?).

So, it all compiled OK, and it's sitting there looking lovely. Except when I
come to generate a key, it wants to get all interactive - or rather, nothing
happens, because the telnet emulator is a simple "call and response" php web

So - is there some way to pipe everything it wants, all in one go, into the
command? Once I got my key made, then I'm off an running, but it's this initial
interactive bit that's getting me!

Unless someone can recommend an easier way of getting a simple gpg app running
on a non-telnet webhost? (It's for the secure mail module of a shopping cart,
in case you were wondering).

Also, I've googled myself silly looking for the answer to this, so sorry if
I've missed a FAQ (apart from "the" faq) or something.