I compiled via myShell on my webserver - now what??!

Jonathan nz2k2@clear.net.nz
Sat Mar 8 22:31:01 2003

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>Jonathan wrote:
>> Unless someone can recommend an easier way of getting a simple gpg app running

>> on a non-telnet webhost? (It's for the secure mail module of a shopping cart,

>> in case you were wondering).
>There's nothing secure about it if you're using telnet. :)
>You should look into using ssh to connect to your web host.  If they don't

>have that installed, you should be wary of them.

No telnet access at all - using MyShell php shell emulator. Compiled it without
any trouble at all, but it all seems to be too interactive  which MyShell can't

>I'm taking a guess that you'll only need to have the public key installed on

>the webhost so that mail sent from the shopping cart can be encrypted to
>you.  If so, you should generate your key pair on your local machine and
>then upload the public key to the web host.  

I got the windoze version of gpg, made a key on my local machine, tried to import:

--import filename
but again silence in the response.

> Storing your secret key on the
>web host is not a good idea 

I can't see that there's any other way to do it!

>Of course, maybe I'm not understanding what you're trying to do.  If so,
>feel free to ignore this.

No, you seem to have it spot on...I know there must be a way round this...someone
must have written a php front end for this!

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