I compiled via myShell on my webserver - now what??!

Todd Todd <Freedom_Lover@pobox.com>
Sat Mar 8 23:20:01 2003

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Jonathan wrote:
> No telnet access at all - using MyShell php shell emulator. Compiled it
> without any trouble at all, but it all seems to be too interactive  which
> MyShell can't do.

I've never used the MyShell php shell emulator so I can't be of much help
there.  Is MyShell running over an SSL connection?  If not, then it's as
weak as telnet.

>> Storing your secret key on the web host is not a good idea 
> I can't see that there's any other way to do it!

Unless you are *decrypting* or *signing* on the webhost, you don't need the
secret key on the webhost, only the public key.

Importing a public key shouldn't require any interactivity so the php shell
app should work.

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