and GnuPG

Wed Mar 19 12:18:01 2003


The web site has no link at all for GnuPG versions on 
his page download :

The links given to download OpenPGP are the,, or links.

The name "GnuPG" or GPG appears only at the "Members" page.

I think it is not a good thing : GnuPG is the most famous free OpenPGP 
version and it must be here.

Last week, I had a discussion by e-mail with Philip Zimmermann, and I 
said him some people may think he is misappropriating the name 
"", and that he done this because he sells PGP(tm) and FileCrypt

Philip Zimmermann replied me that the "Download" page at the 
web site was not updated since his beginning (2 or 3 years ago, I 
think), then he said me in another e-mail that I was "insulting" him.

Unfortunately, he didn't changed the "Download" page at 
and GnuPG is still not there :-(

Do you think it is a good thing that GnuPG is not shown in the "Download" page ?

I see by doing a whois that the domain "" is owned by the 
"OpenPGP Research Group".

domain:		OPENPGP.ORG
owner-address:	OpenPGP Research Group
owner-address:	C/O Terje Elde
owner-address:	C/O Jan Pedersen
owner-address:	Granliveien 1
owner-address:	N-1406
owner-address:	Ski
owner-address:	Norway

Do you know if this "OpenPGP Research Group" part of the IETF-OpenPGP 
working group ?



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