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Eugene Smiley
Wed Mar 19 15:28:02 2003

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pplf wrote: 
> Last week, I had a discussion by e-mail with Philip Zimmermann,
> and I said him some people may think he is misappropriating the
> name "", and that he done this because he sells PGP(tm)
> and FileCrypt
> Philip Zimmermann replied me that the "Download" page at the
> web site was not updated since his beginning (2 or 3
> years ago, I think), then he said me in another e-mail that I was
> "insulting" him. 
> Unfortunately, he didn't changed the "Download" page at
> and GnuPG is still not there :-(

To be honest, the way you approached it, I'd be insulted too. 
Accusing someone of something, i.e. 'he is misappropriating the name 
""', only has them put up their defenses. You can only
request that GPG be added and the request will either by accepted 
or declined.

> Do you think it is a good thing that GnuPG is not shown in the
> "Download" page ?

Personally, I don't think it matters. I use GPG along side PGP and 
have never been to I think that most people who 
would have an interest in GPG have many other ways to find out 
about it. It's a non-issue in my book. I'd put it on the "It would be 
nice to see this" list.

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