[Enigmail] Enigmail for Mozilla 1.3 on GNU/Linux

Elf Spice elfspice@eml.cc
Thu Mar 20 00:26:01 2003

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> I reciently updated to mozilla 1.3 and found rather shortly that
> Enigmail for mozilla 1.3 didn't exist.
> I was wondering if it was in the works, how long it might be before its
> availble on the page?

It does exist, and it does work. Although I installed it on 1.3b and
then upgraded, it was still there. I'd say it should install fine on 1.3
anyway. It's been on www.mozdev.org for at least three days.

I did a couple of tweaks to the enigmail.js file to get it to send
encrypted messages that got to hushmail accounts - I'll post it online
so I can just link you to it if you have a need to work with hushmail
users (it's in the components directory inside the mozilla directory, it
is called 'enigmail.js')


I zipped it so your browser wouldn't just try and run it (which I'm not
sure what it would do, though it's probably just a set of library
functions. I'm fairly sure all operating systems have an unzip program
readily available if not preinstalled.

It contains modifications which permit it to encrypt to hushmail keys -
it doesn't seem to like it if there's pointy brackets around the email
addresses when working with hushmail public keys, also I added the
command line option '--disable-mdc' because apparently hushmail doesn't
support mdc.

hope that helps.

Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (MingW32)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org