Gnupg and hushmail

Elf Spice
Thu Mar 20 01:55:01 2003

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> hushmail has two very good uses:
> [1] allowing encryption and verification of messages to people who do
> not yet want to learn how to use gnupg or pgp,
> but recognize the value of encryption and verification, as long as it
> is a one time process (initiating the account and importing other hushmail
> member keys)
> people who use it for this function eventually learn that most people
> using encryption don't use hushmail, and then consider going ahead with
> a 'real' encryption program.

I used encrypted email much more easily with linux than with windows...
I don't want to use PGP, so it is fortunate that mozilla mail is
starting to become quite a mature application and that it can be
interfaced with gnupg. At the moment this is a tricky process. I only
use hushmail because of just such a person. I'm pestering them to get
some real encryption going...

> [2] privacy in terms of untraceability, but much faster than remailers
> people who use it for this reason {like me},
> but are perfectly happy to use gnupg ar pgp for the encryption and
> can easily use hushmail,
> by just using hushmail as the e-mail carrier,
> and checking the box in the upper right hand corner of the hushmail e-
> mail viewer, that says: 'show actual message'
> all gnupg, pgp, and pgp2.x encrypted messages easily decrypt when the
> raw form is displayed, and there is no difference if mdc is used or not
> used

no, this is not correct. I had to disable mdc to get hushmail to decrypt
mail from my gnupg encryption. Also with enigmail it was neccessary to
get the < and > removed from the commandline around the email addresses
as the hushmail keys wouldn't work with it.

I'm fairly sure that the disabling of mdc will not seriously impact on
the security of the ciphers. hopefully hushmail will support mdc eventually.

I have applied both modifications to my enigmail.js file and I have
posted it as a zip at:

You will need to unzip it and replace the enigmail.js (I'm fairly sure
that this is the platform independent part, but if not, I'm running the
win32 version of mozilla) which you will find in the 'components' folder
inside the place that mozilla is installed.


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