generating keys whose names begin with a digit instead of a letter

Fri Mar 21 11:24:02 2003

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On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 04:27:24PM -0800, wrote:
> when i tried to generate a key in gnupg,=20
> {ordinary dh key, nothing fancy}
> and give it a name beginning with a digit,=20
> gnupg gave the following message:
> Name may not start with a digit
> if gnupg can easily import and use keys that are already named this
> way,
> but won't let it be generated this way,
> then is there a potential problem to watch out for, with any other
> gnupg functions in using a key already named with a digit at the
> beginning?

No problem.  Just use "--allow-freeform-uid" on the command line or in
your gpg.conf file if you wish to use uid's that start with digits.

          Disable all checks on the form of the user ID while generating
          a new one. This option should only be used in very special
          environments as it does not ensure the de-facto standard format
          of user IDs.


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