[slug] Re: Ohhhh jeeee: ... this is a bug

martin f krafft madduck@madduck.net
Thu Mar 27 11:48:26 2003

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also sprach Nori Heikkinen <nori+lists-gnupg-users@maenad.net> [2003.03.27.=
0913 +0100]:
> the error is reproducible on albatross.
> i've spent a long time making this system healthy!

then your key is kaputt. and quite possibly went kaputt on your
system while you were having the problems, so now the problem
propagated to albatross (for the others: just another Debian

> > btw: it's common practice to now cross-post to multiple mailing
> > lists. just letting you know. hi gpg-users!
> gpg-users won't let you post unless you're subscribed.

i'll be pushed into the moderation queue...

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