Announce: Web of trust statistics and pathfinder (Wotsap)

Michael Nahrath
Sat Mar 29 23:10:37 2003

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Jorgen Cederlof <> schrieb am 2003-03-27 18:35:

> Hi everyone,
> There are a couple of replacements for the AT&T pathserver out
> there. So I made another one.
> It finds all the shortest keys between two keys, and presents them as
> a PNG image. Additionally, it can generate a little bit of statistics
> about keys and the whole web.

Very nice!=20
Dont you have any reaction by a keyserver admin yet to give you a feed of
500 kByte?=20
Having this on a daily basis would be even greater.
One little thing the pathfinder doesn't do right yet: It doesn't notice if
a UID is revoked. Check

See the thread "Revocation of a user id?" (starting at
about what should happen.

In short:=20

From: David Shaw <>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:17:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Revocation of a user id?
> ...
> No.  Expired keys, like revoked keys, carry no trust.

Or is it this you mean by "No attempt is made to verify the signatures."?

Greeting, Michi

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