hi guys, i need som newbie help...

thomas@elsgaard.dk thomas@elsgaard.dk
Mon May 5 11:54:02 2003

hi guys

i have just installed gnupg, no problems

but when i try to send a encrypted mail to my
other mail adress i get the following error:

thomas@elsgaard.dk skipped: public key not

but if i list my public keys i get:

pub  1024D/664212CF 2003-05-05 Thomas
Elsgaard (administrator) <te@rewss.com>
sub  1024g/A450C93D 2003-05-05
pub  1024D/29966025 2003-05-05 Thomas
Elsgaard (administrator) <thomas@elsgaard.dk>
sub  1024g/1F35F2C5 2003-05-05

so why can't i send the mail ??