hi guys, i need som newbie help...

Neil Williams linux@codehelp.co.uk
Tue May 6 00:27:02 2003

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On Monday 05 May 2003 3:54 pm, thomas@elsgaard.dk wrote:
> hi guys
> i have just installed gnupg, no problems
> but when i try to send a encrypted mail to my
> other mail adress i get the following error:

To encrypt you usually need to have signed the recipient key.

> thomas@elsgaard.dk skipped: public key not
> found..

Although I thought GnuPG would have said so rather than just saying the key 
wasn't found.

I can't check because your keys aren't on a keyserver.

$ gpg --keyserver keyserver.linux.it --send-keys 664212cf 29966025

> so why can't i send the mail ??

See if it is signed using:
$ gpg --check-sigs 664212cf 29966025

You should see a self-signature AND a signature from each of the two keys:
e.g. on my two keys:

pub  1024D/A897FD02 2002-01-27 Neil Williams (laptop) <linux@codehelp.co.uk>
sig!3       A897FD02 2002-01-27   Neil Williams (laptop) 
sig!        28BCB3E3 2002-07-01   Neil Williams (CodeHelp) 

pub  1024D/28BCB3E3 2002-01-27 Neil Williams (CodeHelp) <linux@codehelp.co.uk>
sig!3       28BCB3E3 2002-01-27   Neil Williams (CodeHelp) 
sig!3       A897FD02 2003-01-14   Neil Williams (laptop) 

You might also have to edit each key to set the trust level. You have to set 
one of your keys (the ones with a secret and public key) to ultimate trust - 
so that the mail client knows who you are. Check also that you have set a 
keyid to use in the configuration of the mail client. Trust can be a hard 
thing to get to grips with so be careful not to set a high trust level or 
sign other people's keys without personal contact and verification. (Don't 
sign my keys, for example, the info above is not enough to verify a key).

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Neil Williams

Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)