Automated Encryption

Peter Gillett
Sat May 10 02:04:02 2003


to set up gpg to work on a W2K server, Copy gpg.exe (the w32 one) to an
executable directory on your webserver, and pubring.gpg, secring.gpg,
trustdb.gpg and random_seed to a directory on your webserver that has read
and write and delete permissions. This will be your gpg home directory, so
have the permissions of pubring.gpg and secring.gpg set to read only, but
not write, delete or execute, and set the permissions of trustdb.gpg and
random_seed to read and write, but not execute or delete.

To encrypt a file called c:\test\homedir\fred.txt with the key
bill@here.there, run the dos command...
c:\test\exe\gpg.exe --homedir
c:\test\homedir --batch --no-version --always-trust --no-tty --comment
"" --ear bill@here.there

This will produce afile fred.asc, encrypted with bill@here.there's key,
with no version or comment.

We use this method (but using perl scripts) to automatically encrypt orders
for our website that runs on a shared server running IIS 5.0 under W2K

hope this helps
Peter Gillett
The Long Tall Clothing Company

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My task is to send encrypted emails via an asp page.  I have two options I
believe.  The first is to have my asp page execute a dos shell and use
commands to encrypt a file on the server and then attach that file to the
email using cdonts, but I can't find a resource for dos commands anywhere,
I realize that gnupg is opensource and there are all kinds of unix/linux
references but nothing for a win os.