Automated Encryption

darren chamberlain
Fri May 9 17:26:02 2003

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* Charles Kronschnable <charles.kronschnable at> [2003-05-09 11:14]:
> My task is to send encrypted emails via an asp page.  I have two
> options I believe.  The first is to have my asp page execute a dos
> shell and use commands to encrypt a file on the server and then attach
> that file to the email using cdonts, but I can't find a resource for
> dos commands anywhere, I realize that gnupg is opensource and there
> are all kinds of unix/linux references but nothing for a win os.  

The command line options for gpg.exe should be the same as for the *nix
version, since they're build from the same code base.  Does gpg --help
not help?

> I can create a email box on our server and have cdonts email to that
> box, the box would intern automatically encrypt the data and ship it
> off to the recipient, problem is when I turn on encrypt new messages
> by default, and try sending an email it asks which key i want to use,
> is there a way around that?  Im using Gnu Privacy Assistant for Ms
> Outlook 2k.

Take a look at
("How can I use GnuPG in an automated environment?"), and see if that


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