Political tag lines (was: ftp.gnupg.org down ?)

engage engage@BLOCK.n0sq.net
Sat May 10 22:37:02 2003

Until people quit making political statements that have nothing to do with 
GnuPG, I'm unsubscribing. These types of statements are inflammatory, also. I 
guess I need to find an alternative to GPG also.

Besides, Ghandi was an idiot. Do people really believe that people like Sadaam 
Hussein are going to say "Oh my God! They're not fighting back! It's time to 
relinquish power, quit supporting terrorists, quit killing people, and quit 
exploiting them!"?

Get real dude. If YOU were under the thumb of such a man, you'd be glad if the 
U.S. came to your rescue. I'm sure glad that I live in the U.S.

On Saturday 10 May 2003 11:04 am, Werner Koch wrote:
>On Sat, 10 May 2003 11:47:55 +0200, pplf  said:
>> For info, from France ftp.gnupg.org is unreachable since 2 days.
>We experienced several problems with the machine.  The mainboard was
>replaced yesterday so the hardware hopefully won't make any more
>problems.  Due to a tight budget of the GUUG, we have temporary moved
>teh FTP service to another box which usually don't use all traffic
>included in the server housing fee.  However, we run another ftp
>daemon on that box and this one sometime crashes: I am looking into
>these crashes and try to fix the reason to help with development.
>Anyway, please use a mirror as listed on the webpage.
>   Werner