mobile GPG installation

Michael Nahrath
Sun May 11 19:42:17 2003

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Martin Bretschneider wrote:

>>They have their mail accounts at some freemailer services and use
>>them solely via web frontend on other people's computers or in
>>internet cafes.

> They can use a kind of secure webservices. Check 

I had a look at their website and can't take them serious in security
concerns. They do everything to prevent users seeing what is really happening.

> or

Thanks for that tip. Looks interesting. I guess I'll give it a try on my own

The principal problem for users is still: They have to trust me and they
have to trust my webserver's hostmasters.
And they have to trust that the Browser's connection to the webserver is
secure ...

But the idea to provide such a web-service on my own is appealing.

Greeting, Michi

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