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Martin Bretschneider
Sun May 11 22:47:03 2003

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Michael Nahrath <> wrote:

Hi Michael,

> Martin Bretschneider wrote:
> >>They have their mail accounts at some freemailer services and use
> >>them solely via web frontend on other people's computers or in
> >>internet cafes.
> > They can use a kind of secure webservices. Check 
> I had a look at their website and can't take them serious in
> security concerns. They do everything to prevent users seeing what
> is really happening.

That strage since Philip R. Zimmermann has worked for/still works
for/has founded this enterprise... Ask goole or for details;)

> > or
> > 
> Thanks for that tip. Looks interesting. I guess I'll give it a try
> on my own webspace.

But it does not support PGP/MIME.
> The principal problem for users is still: They have to trust me and
> they have to trust my webserver's hostmasters.
> And they have to trust that the Browser's connection to the
> webserver is secure ...

Yes maybe the server-browser-connection (e.g. SSL 128bit) is less
secure than OpenPGP itself.

> But the idea to provide such a web-service on my own is appealing.

But then you have to be very trustable!

Kind regards from Martin
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