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Todd Todd <>
Mon May 12 01:48:02 2003

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Dennis Lambe Jr. wrote:
> If I specify multiple keyservers on the command line or in gpg.conf, how
> does that affect the behavior of the various keyserver operations?  If I
> send my key, which server does it get sent to?  all of them, the first
> one, the last one, a random one?  If I refresh my keys, where does the
> data get pulled from?  If I search, which servers get searched?  If I
> receive, which server sends what data in what order?

I think it uses the last one, but it's been a few weeks since I was playing
with this.  There was a thread here a few weeks back about multiple
keyservers.  David Shaw said this was on the to do list, but hasn't been
implemented just yet.

That thread starts here in the archives:

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