Mutt and GPG (was: Getting started with signatures)

Daniel Carrera
Mon May 12 03:30:02 2003

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> > If anyone is using Mutt, perhaps I could get some Mutt-specific help: It
> > looks like Mutt is not even trying to verify any of the signed messages
> > other than my own.
> That may well be an issue of the pgp signature format.  Mutt uses PGP/MIME
> by default...

I've looked into it.  Yes, I'm pretty sure that's the problem.

> You can make mutt check these signatures in several ways.  The=20
> recommended way in 1.4 and above is to use the check-traditional-pgp=20
> function, which is bound to ESC P by default.

Mutt doesn't seem to recognize that option.  I put it in my .muttrc file (I=
bound it to ESC V and I got this error:

   check-traditional-pgp: no such function in map

BTW, ESC P doesn't do a PGP check either.

> I prefer to leave the messages intact and I take advantage of a nice mutt
> patch that forces mutt to check for traditional (inline) pgp signatures[1=
> [1]
> [2]

Could you help me with patches?  I've spent all afternoon trying to figure=
out how to apply a patch and I just can't get it to work.

I'm starting with the very first patch:

patch-1.4.0.ddm.crypt-menu.1  (from [1])

dcarrera ~ $ ls
dcarrera ~ $ patch < patch-1.4.0.ddm.crypt-menu.1
  Looks like a unified context diff.
File to patch:

I don't know what to type here.  The man page for patch hasn't shown me=20
anything useful.  I've looked everywhere and I just can't figure out why=20
this isn't working.

I hope you can help,
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