[Q] Sending a key to a keyserver

Michael Nahrath gnupg-users@nahrath.de
Tue May 13 21:31:02 2003

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David Shaw wrote:

> Presumably Neil was looking on one of the HKP keyservers.  The LDAP
> keyserver don't sync very well (if at all) with the HKP keyservers.

AFAIK the LDAP keyservers are driven by PGP.com and they are the default
servers in PGP8.

OTOH all GPG applications default to the HKP network and GPG can't even
fully access the LDAP keyservers.

Both networks are not connected.

IMO this shisma within OpenPGP is currently the greatest interoptability
problem betwheen PGP and GPG users.

If I understood some postings on the keyserver-folks list right, the problem
is that PGP.com doesn't cooperate to provide and accept the neccesary data
for a syncronisation (and don't answer to any mail requests).

How do you feel:
* Do they intend to make communicaton harder for GPG users intentionally?
* May there be valid technical reasons to not want the syncronisation?
* Do they underestimate the value of a well working keyserver network?
* Don't the right people within PGP.com know about the problem?

Some time ago someone on this list succeded in getting the openpgp website
updated by directly addressing Phil Zimmerman (although I felt that his
style of ranting was completely unadequate).
Might this be a way to get the LDAP keyservers fixed as well?

Greeting, Michi

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