[Q] Sending a key to a keyserver

Eugene Smiley eugene@esmiley.net
Wed May 14 03:15:02 2003

Michi wrote:=20
> David Shaw wrote:
>> Says who? ;)
>> gpg --keyserver ldap://keyserver.pgp.com --recv-keys 99242560
> [michi@localhost]~$ gpg --keyserver ldap://keyserver.pgp.com
> --send-keys 99242560=20
> gpgkeys: error adding key 99242560 to keyserver: Already exists=20
> gpg: keyserver internal error=20

Why are you trying to send David's key to the server? This is=20
generally considered bad ettiquette. The error makes sense as=20
his key already exists on the server. ;)

> Currently I don't have a key to change, but next time I have to
> sing a key I'll try to check if its is simply an errouros
> error-message.=20
> David Shaw wrote:
>> I don't think the pgp.com folks are intentionally causing
>> problems with the rest of the world.  It's far more likely they
>> are just very busy starting a new company and the keyserver is
>> not a very high priority.
> Should we try to intervene to make them rewrap priorities?

There has been discussion on the PGP-Users mailinglist by some=20
PGP employees about dealing with the keyserver issue. They know=20
it exists, but the are interested in improving the quality of=20
the keyserver vs. synchronizing a bunch of unused keys. Creating=20
a solution to the existing problems is not an overnight thing.

> Gives me plenty of trouble, since I made a friend change from=20
> PGP to GPG and now he can't find his other PGP using friends any
> more ...=20

Why not just use --keyserver keyserver.pgp.com for his friends'=20
keys? I do this without any issues.

I tend to send my keys to multiple servers whether I am using PGP=20
or GPG to mitigate the issue of people not finding it.