Trouble signing (was: Trouble exporting keys)

Daniel Carrera
Thu May 15 02:52:02 2003

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> The --export command exports all of this to one big ugly chunk, which is
> exactly what you want.  You're exporting the RSA key, and the DSA
> signing subkey, and the ElGamal encryption subkey.=20

But, for instance, the people who have my older key can still authenticate=
messages signed with my DSA key (which they have).  Correct?
Do people just update keys every once in a while?  This would make sense. =
And it'd also explain why the primary key can't change -- you use it to=20
authenticate changes in the "big" key.

This is making more sense now.

But clearly, I'm still doing things wrong.  It looks like my GPG just=20
decided to only sign with the RSA key regardless of what I tell it.  I=20
thought I could select the key using the -u option, but that worked only=20
once.  :(

My DSA KeyID is 0FEBCEC3.  My RSA KeyID is E3CA8FAE :

dcarrera ~/keys $ gpg --output file.asc -u 0x0FEBCEC3 --clearsign file

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "Daniel Carrera (PhD Student, Math) <>"
2048-bit RSA key, ID E3CA8FAE, created 2003-05-13 (main key ID 0FEBCEC3)

You see?  I wants to use the RSA key even though I specified the DSA key.
Did I just break something?

Daniel Carrera         | OpenPGP fingerprint:
Graduate TA, Math Dept | C678 4F28 6418 6A62 F186 98FC 9E04 B9A0 0FEB CEC3
UMD  (301) 405-5137    |

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