localisations and charsets

Michael Nahrath gnupg-users@nahrath.de
Fri May 16 01:58:02 2003

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Werner Koch wrote:
> On Thu, 15 May 2003 11:22:19 +0200, Michael Nahrath said:
>>Dies ist freie Software; in den Quellen befindet sich die Lizenzbedingung.
>>Es gibt KEINERLEI Garantie; nicht einmal f�r die TAUGLICHKEIT oder
>                                              ^^
> Your terminal does not support UTF-8. 

Actually my terminal does support UTF-8, at least some times.


[michi@localhost]~$ gpg --charset utf8 --edit 307D56ED
pub  1024D/307D56ED  erstellt: 2001-05-17 verf?llt: niemals
sub  2048g/B9A65282  erstellt: 2001-05-17 verf?llt: niemals
(1). Nol Kthe <noel@debian.org>

wouldn't display the name correctly.
UTF8 output from GPG is no problem, only the localised UI is.

> gpg has already translated the
> Latin-1 encoded text to utf-8 before printing it out.
> --charset=latin-1 might help

Please note that the posted output of "gettext --version" had nothing to do
with gpg but only with gettext.

Maybe my terminal fails in giving gettext the needed information. I'll try
to find out more about this in news:de.comp.sys.mac.misc

Greeting, Michi

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