Merging keys?

Werner Koch
Fri May 16 11:15:02 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003 23:21:07 +0100, Neil Williams said:

> With all this talk of using a private primary RSA key and then
> public subkeys, I created a third key to test some ideas and I began
> to wonder if it is worth considering if keys can be merged. If both
> secret keys are available and both passphrases given, is there scope
> to merge two keys??

gpgsplit can help here but you need to calculate a new subkey binding
signature.  There is no tool for this instantly available.

Now that PGP is able to very signatures made with a subkey, I
considered to merge my cert-only key with my working key but I won't
do that because it will be easier to create new subkeys for the
cert-only key and keep the old working key around for decrypting old

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